AROMA TDX-15S Electronic Drumkit

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The Aroma TDX-15 Kit consists of three tom pads, dual-zone snare pad, an upright kick drum pad, bass drum pedal, hi-hat, hi-hat pedal, crash and ride cymbal pads. All pads feature natural rubber that reduces vibration feedback and actually feels natural to play, giving a familiar feel. The kick pad on the Aroma TDX-15 Kit comes with its own pedals, so you can get playing right out of the box. The snare drum also offers more options as, being dual-zoned, you can attribute a snare sound for the centre and a rimshot or click or something totally different for the rim.

The Aroma TDX-15 Kits rack is heavy-duty, made up of 1 ½” aluminium tubing that accommodates the pads and module, with all the necessary mounting hardware and cables included.

The tubing of the rack, being a standardized size, will also allow you to use other brands of clamps and mounts should you want to. At the core of the Aroma TDX-15 Kit is the TDX-15 Module. Loaded up with a staggering collection of high-quality drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments. With 12 presets already in place from opening the box, you’re set up to rock from the off.

Drumset: Electronic Drums Set
No. of Drum Sets: 12 preset drum sounds
No. of Sounds: 144 sounds total
Bass Drum: Silicone bass drum.
Tom: 8" silicone tom drum
Snare Drum: 8 inch mesh snare drum and silicone tom drum
Cymbals: Silicone hi hat
Specifications: Metronome inside
Specifications II: TDX-15S snare is mesh head and bass is with additional bass drum pad
Specifications III: Standard 5 drums+3 cymbals
Features: Earphones output
Features II: USB MIDI
Features III: AUX in

Item No.: TDX15S

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