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Color: NaturalTop: SpruceFinish: GlossFingerboard: RosewoodItem No.: 5209..
69.00 €
Color: NaturalTop: SpruceBack: SapeleFinish: GlossBody Finish: GlossFingerboard: RosewoodWidth at Nut: 52 mmScale: 4/4Machine Heads: classical machine headsStrings: nylonNumber of Strings: 6Item No.: 012044..
98.00 € 103.16 €
Color: NaturalTop: SpruceBack: SapeleFinish: GlossBody Finish: GlossNeck: MahoganyNeck Finish: GlossFingerboard: RosewoodWidth at Nut: 46 mmScale: 3/4Strings: nylonNumber of Strings: 6Item No.: 012034..
97.00 € 102.11 €
The Cuenca Model 60 uses a higher quality fine grained Red Cedar top. This improves the overall tonal definition of the instrument where its more detailed attack and clearer sustain, are most apparent. Its greater resonating qualities across the tona..
843.00 € 887.37 €
The Cuenca model 40R is the first guitar in the Conservatorio range and includes an ebony fingerboard and Indian rosewood back and sides (laminate) which gives it the appearance and sound of a more expensive instrument. Tonally this instrument is ..
485.00 € 510.53 €
The German spruce top is well matched with a clean straight grain. Its pale colour contrasts well with the dark rosewood bridge and purfling, matching the rosewood faced head.The back and sides are of sycamore which displays a beautiful ripple effect..
381.00 € 401.05 €
With deluxe features, solid-top construction and enormous performance features including a surprisingly remarkable projection and clarity, the Línea Profesional is a classical guitar that is designed to bring your music center stage. This guitar will..
2,252.00 € 2,370.53 €
Improved 4p model. The new series S have more volume then the previus model thanks to new internal design, and better playability thanks to a new lowered fingerboard.Color: NaturalTop: Solid CedarBack: Indian RosewoodBody Material: Swamp AshFinish: G..
529.00 € 556.84 €
The Model 70R is the first model in the Cuenca series with solid Indian rosewood back and sides. This and the excellent close grained quarter-sawn soundboard of German Spruce, makes this guitar in every aspect superior to the more economical models. ..
1,020.00 € 1,073.68 €
Bringing another upgrade in the Alhambra series, the 3C uses some of the usual trademarks from the brand. A particular care has also been taken while conceiving the instrument, bringing a more classy aspect to it. Thus the 3C doesn't simply rely on i..
383.00 € 403.16 €
An extra care has been took while crafting the 5P model. The top of the guitar comes with a cedar structure while Indian rosewood has been chosen for the back and the sides. The neck is made of mahogany with an extra use of ebony for the fingerboard ..
627.00 € 660.00 €
This guitar was made in Spain by craftsman trained by the best of the best local master guitar craftsman under the direct influence of the Madrid School. Due to the highest quality materials the volume and projection of this instrument is incredible...
625.10 € 658.00 €
Color: NaturalTop: Solid CedarBack: Indian RosewoodFinish: SatinBody Finish: SatinNeck: MahoganyFingerboard: EbonyHardware Finish: GoldItem No.: 47840..
455.00 € 478.95 €
The 11P model is entirely made of solid wood material. Coming with a top made of cedar, the back and the sides rather go for Indian rosewood. The neck is made of solid Spanish cedar and comes with extra reinforcement thanks to use the of solid ebony ..
1,769.00 € 1,862.11 €
The 1C is one of the more affordable guitars in the Alhambra series. Nevertheless, apart from its attractive price, this instrument possesses some gorgeous features which will enchant those who want to afford a good quality guitar. Buying a 1C model..
279.00 € 293.68 €

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