SAVAREZ 540R Normal Classical Guitar Strings

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Superb Standard Tension Long Play Classical Strings.

Savarez Alliance strings for the Classical guitar are a result of a major breakthrough offering new acoustic possibilities to the guitarist.

Cutting, brilliant trebles and basses that emphasize higher overtones.

String Tension: Medium / Normal / Standard
String Material: Silver Plated Copper
Coated: No
Wound: Round Wound
String End: Tie
Specifications: Instrument 4/4 Size Classical Guitar
Specifications II: Tension 87.45 lbs - Normal Tension
Specifications III: Trebles Fluorocarbon
Features: Gauges 24.4, 27.2, 33.1, 29.1, 35, 42.1
Product: 540
  • Bright tone and clean sound,
  • Richness of sound,
  • Very extensive possibilities,
  • Incomparable power and projection of the sound,
  • An even greater sustained sound,
  • Very clear sound on the high and very high positions.

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