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Характеристики: 12 wooden sticks.Specifications II: Composition: metal, woodSpecifications III: Maintenance: Wipe with a soft dry cloth.Аксессуары: st..

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Характеристики: Composition: metal, woodПреимущества: Maintenance: Wipe with a soft dry cloth.Аксессуары: stick - 2 piecesItem No.: FX15..

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Древесина: БерезаХарактеристики: Tonal Range: c1-a2Specifications II: 35 x 18 mmSpecifications III: Number of Sounds: 16Преимущества: Sound Bar Materi..

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FLIGHT FM-15 15 Metal Plates Metallophone FLIGHT FM-15 15 Metal Plates Metallophone

Характеристики: ncluded: bells (15) - 1 piece, stick - 2 pieces.Specifications II: Composition: metal, woodПреимущества: Maintenance: Wipe with a soft..

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Характеристики: C2 - A3 with F sharp and BSpecifications II: Number of bars: 16Specifications III: Tuning: altoПреимущества: Note range: C2 - A3 with ..

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SONOR TAG 25 Tenor Chromatic Glockenspiel

Характеристики: Note range is C2 – C4Specifications II: Tenor/alto style in chromatic scaleSpecifications III: 25 bars in totalПреимущества: Fundament..

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SONOR NG 30 Soprano Chromatic Glockenspiel SONOR NG 30 Soprano Chromatic Glockenspiel

Цвет: НатуральныйХарактеристики: Range: C3 - F#4Specifications II: Red steel sound bars: 20 x 2 mmSpecifications III: Resonance box made of solid, loc..

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Характеристики: sound bar material metal, specially alloyedSpecifications II: tuning fundamental tuningSpecifications III: scale C major scaleПреимуще..

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Древесина: БерезаХарактеристики: Range: C2 - A3Specifications II: C Major scale with F#2, B2 and F#3Specifications III: 16 TonesПреимущества: Fundamen..

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Характеристики: Range: C1 - C3Specifications II: Tenor altoSpecifications III: C Major scale with F#1, B1, F#2 and B2Преимущества: 19 Tones, Resonance..

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Цвет: НатуральныйХарактеристики: Includes F-sharp 2, B-flat 2, F-sharp 3Specifications II: Dimensions of bars are 35mm x 18mm eachАксессуары: Includes..

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SONOR NG 31; Orff instruments have been an integral part of Sonor's product range since 1953. Since then, they have been an indispensable part of earl..

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FLIGHT FES-40 Shaker Plastic Egg FLIGHT FES-40 Shaker Plastic Egg

Характеристики: egg shapeSpecifications II: placticSpecifications III: a lot of coloursItem No.: FES-40..


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Характеристики: fundamental tuningSpecifications II: C major c3, d3, e3, f3, f-sharp3, g3, a3, b-flat3, b3, c4, d4, e4, f4Specifications III: Soprano..

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Features:   Hand bells 8 bells Composition: metal, plastic A set of eight color bells, each tuned to a specific note.   C D E F Mr A B C..

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SONOR GS Glockenspiel SONOR GS Glockenspiel

Характеристики: Range C3 - F4Specifications II: C Major scaleSpecifications III: 11 TonesПреимущества: Standard tuningАксессуары: 1 pair of mallets SC..

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SONOR ALT AXP1,1 Детская перкуссия

Характеристики: 16 bars, c1 - a2 (with F# and Bb bars)Аксессуары: 1 pair of SCH23 malletsItem No.: 61068..

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Характеристики: Range: c1 - a2Specifications II: C-Major scale with f#1, b/a#1 and f#2Specifications III: 16 NotesПреимущества: Resonator box from bir..

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MAPEX MPK32P Bell Kit Детская перкуссия

Покрытие хардвера: ХромированныйХарактеристики: Backpack provides easy mobility.Specifications II: Adjustable stand offers convenience.Specifications ..

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Характеристики: Range: C3 - F4Specifications II: C Major scale with F#3 and B3 barsSpecifications III: 13 TonesПреимущества: Fundamental tuningАксессу..

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Item No.: 7500507Item No.: 7500507..

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SONOR GP Soprano Primary Line Glockenspiel SONOR GP Soprano Primary Line Glockenspiel

Характеристики: Range C3 - F#4 C Major scale with F#3, B3 and F#4Specifications II: Pitch tuningSpecifications III: Silver steel sound bars: 20 x 2 mm..

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Характеристики: Dimensions 31 x 9.5 x 4 cm; 1 KilogramSpecifications II: C major scale c3-f4 with fis3 and Bb3 – 13 tonesSpecifications III: Red Steel..

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FLIGHT FAB-5 Ankle Bells FLIGHT FAB-5 Ankle Bells

Характеристики: Composition: metal, textileSpecifications II: hand washing is allowed at a temperature not exceeding 30 °Item No.: FAB-5..


SONOR NG10 Детская перкуссия

Цвет: НатуральныйХарактеристики: Note range of C3 – F4Specifications II: C-major scale with extra F-sharp3/B-flat3 sound platesSpecifications III: Red..

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Цвет: НатуральныйХарактеристики: Blue, specially alloyed metal sound plate 30 x 4 mmSpecifications II: C major scale with f#2 and bb2Specifications II..

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BOOMWHACKERS BW-JG Diatonic C Bass Set Детская перкуссия

Bass set Expands the diatonic scale set to one octave lower 7 Tubes Notes C - B Item No.: 7700655Item No.: 7700655..

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  Tone D1 Metallophone Grouping: Tenor-Alto Fundamental tuning Gray, specially alloyed metal chime bar 40 x 6 mm White resonator box for each ..

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