Аксессуары для губных гармошек

Кейс для губных гармоник HOHNER HARMONICA CASE/ MZ91141

Accomodates 12 Richter harps and 1 chromatic; hard shell plastic case with fitted foam inlay.Item No.: MZ91141Item No.: MZ91141..

57,00€ 60,00€

Набор по уходу за губной гармошкой HOHNER HARMONICA SERVICE SET/ MZ99331

Like any other instrument, a harmonica needs proper maintainenance. Reeds and valves (on chromatics) will eventually show signs of wear and tear. For ..

57,00€ 59,90€

Держатель для губной гармошки HOHNER HAC007 HARMONICA HOLDER/ HAC

Harmonica Holder Stainless Steel construction Fully adjustable Made in Germany Can be used with any diatonic harmonica Item No.: 25904Item No.: 2..


Держатель для губной гармошки HOHNER HARMONICA HOLDER HH1700/ HH

The list of guitarists whose artistry has been enhanced by the rack harmonica includes Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Doc Wats..


Кейс для губных гармоник HOHNER NAYLON HARMONICA CASE/ MZ91150

Case for 7 Hamonicas.Item No.: MZ91150Item No.: MZ91150..


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