9iItem No.: CLPIXBAR600PRO..

450,30€ 474,00€

Мощность: LED Power 10WЭлементы управления: Modes Automatic programs, DMXХарактеристики: LED Colours Red, Green, Blue, WhiteПреимущества: Master/Slave..

399,00€ 420,00€


Цвет: ЧерныйЭлементы управления: Value Down, Value Up, Enter, modeХарактеристики: Standalone modes: sound control, Auto runПреимущества: DMX Functions..

499,00€ 525,26€

Item No.: CLTS60WRGBWItem No.: CLTS60WRGBW..

327,22€ 344,44€

LED Bar CAMEO PIXBAR 200 12 x 3 W

Элементы управления: Enter, mode, Value Down, Value UpХарактеристики: auto programs, sound control, static colour, strobeПреимущества: sound control, ..

282,15€ 297,00€

Light source: 28 Piece 8W Quad LED Colour (7 pieces per panel) Beam angle: 25° Colour spectrum: RGBW DMX Input and output: 3-pin XLR DMX Mode: 4, ..

549,00€ 577,89€

Характеристики: LED PAR Can setПреимущества: CLPFLAT1RGB10IR - 144 x 10 mm FLAT LED RGB PAR ,CLPFLAT1REMOTEАксессуары: Battery type CR2025Продукт: CLP..

254,50€ 267,89€

Moving Head Bar With 4 heads, which can be controlled independently Equipped with high-intensity 10 W Quad-LEDs of the leading manufacturer Cree t..

499,00€ 525,26€

Элементы управления: Enter, Value Up, Value Down, modeХарактеристики: LED PAR CanПреимущества: colour change, colour fade, static colour, sound contro..

136,00€ 143,16€

Adam Hall Accessories SUPER CLAMP B SET 1Universal Hook Clamp with Toggle black and with Bolt SS018Perfect for lighting and multimedia applicationsAdj..

23,75€ 25,00€

Световой эффект LED CAMEO MOONFLOWER HP 32W 4 IN 1

Цвет: ЧерныйЭлементы управления: Value Up, Value Down, Enter, modeХарактеристики: DMX Functions: No rotation, Strobing fast & slow, Clockwise fast & s..

199,00€ 209,47€

Spotlight, laser and stroboscope can be used individually Sound and automatic control with integrated programs, master / slave and stand-alone operat..

194,75€ 205,00€

Item No.: CLSW2000Item No.: CLSW2000..

389,00€ 409,47€

Set with 432 x 10 mm LED Lighting Set with Transport Case, 4 pedal Foot Switch  4 LED panels with 108 pieces per 10 mm LED Control: DMX 512 (6..

379,05€ 399,00€

Элементы управления: Modes Automatic programs, DMXХарактеристики: Lightsource Single colour LED, LED Colours Red, Green, BlueПреимущества: Master/Slav..

188,94€ 198,88€


Цвет: ЧерныйХарактеристики: DMX Functions: Dimmer, Flash rateПреимущества: Standalone modes: slave mode, sound control, Flash rate, Dimmer ModeШирина:..

179,00€ 188,42€

Item No.: CLPFLAT1RGB10Item No.: CLPFLAT1RGB10..

66,50€ 70,00€

FLAT PAR TRI 3W IR SET Set of 4 PAR lights 7 x 3 W High Power TRI colour FLAT LED RGB in black housing incl. Infrared remote Item No.: CLPFLAT1TRI3W..

339,00€ 356,84€

Cameo DVC 4 interface with D 4 Software Convenient control for DMX-compatible lighting devices via PC or Mac with 512 DMX channels For computer-free..

297,35€ 313,00€

Элементы управления: Value Up, Value Down, mode, EnterХарактеристики: Standalone modes: strobe, colour change, colour fade, sound control, slave mode,..

149,00€ 156,84€

Lamp: 12 W Cree LED Colour wheel: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, cyan and violet 7 Gobos 7 Lightshow presets Illuminance: 21,000 lux 1m 540° P..

261,25€ 275,00€

Item No.: CLDVCItem No.: CLDVC..

251,75€ 265,00€

Световой эффект LED CAMEO STORM

Элементы управления: down, mode, up, EnterХарактеристики: DMX Functions: auto programs, sound programs, Laser, Derby, strobeПреимущества: Standalone m..

239,00€ 251,58€

Item No.: 160.492Item No.: 160.492..

113,00€ 118,95€


108,30€ 114,00€

Характеристики: Laser Red 150mW @ 650nm, Laser Green 30mW @ 532nm, Laser Blue 150mW @ 445nmАксессуары: Power Supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz (12V Adapter)Дл..

109,90€ 115,68€


104,50€ 110,00€

Характеристики: Laser Red 150mW @ 650nm, Laser Green 50mW @ 532nm,Аксессуары: Power Supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz (12V Adapter)Длина: 105 mmШирина: 85 mmВ..

69,90€ 73,58€

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