Валторна JUPITER JHR 1150L

Bore .472 (12mm) Bell custom process Yellow Brass 11.9" (302mm) Precision tapered uniformed rose brass mouthpipe Nickel plated valve casing Mechan..

2.524,63€ 3.155,79€

Валторна JUPITER JHR 752L

The Jupiter 752L is a single horn in F with a rose brass leadpipe, mechanical link tapered rotary valves and nickel-sleeved outer tuning slides. It ha..

1.514,10€ 1.892,63€

Охотничий рожок Flight FHH-100/ Pocket

Характеристики: Material  Yellow BrassSpecifications II: Bell Diameter 77.5mmSpecifications III: Gold LaqueeredПреимущества: Mouthpiece includedFeatur..

59,00€ 62,11€

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