Multicore Cables

ON STAGE SNK16450v2 15m 16x4 +Bag Multicore

SNK16450v2 50' 16-Channel/4-Return Stage Snake neatly bundles 16 XLR channels from a stage or studio to a mixer and four XLR returns to stage monitors..

245,01€ 257,90€

Lowest price last 30 days: 245,01€
ON STAGE SNK244100 24x4 30m Multicore

All XLR connectors Hand-soldered and individually insulated Well-protected and flexible cable bundling Heavy-duty metal chasis box Built-in easy c..

465,50€ 490,00€

Lowest price last 30 days: 465,50€
ON STAGE MPCOMBO-75 22.8m Active Speaker Cable

Item No.: 383714..

103,20€ 129,00€

Lowest price last 30 days: 103,20€
DADDARIO PW-DB25MM-10 Modular Snake 3.1m Audio Cable

The D'Addario Modular Snake Core Cable features 8 fully shielded channels of audio in various lengths terminated with DB25 connectors. These cables ca..

35,00€ 36,84€

Lowest price last 30 days: 35,00€
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