Strings for 3/4 Violin

THOMASTIK VI100 Vision; Wound on an advanced synthetic core, Vision strings are designed to settle in quickly and to achieve a stable tuning within a ..

38,00€ 40,00€

Lowest price last 30 days: 38,00€

Thomastik-Infeld 135 Dominant Synthetic Core Ball End 3/4 Violin Strings is warm, distinctive and has rich overtones due to its flexible, multi-strand..

47,90€ 50,42€

Lowest price last 30 days: 47,90€

Widely regarded as “the reference standard” Dominant strings, made with a highly flexible, multi-strand synthetic core, provide the tonal warmth and f..

47,00€ 49,47€

Lowest price last 30 days: 47,00€

THOMASTIK AL100; Combining an unbeatable price with Thomastik-Infeld quality means you no longer have to settle for solid-steel strings to assure dura..

25,00€ 26,32€

Lowest price last 30 days: 25,00€
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