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NUX DM-4 Electronic Drumkit NUX DM-4 Electronic Drumkit

Drumset: Electronic Drums SetSound Module: 1No. of Sounds: 232Bass Drum: 1Tom: 1Snare Drum: 1Stands/Hardware: 1Cymbals: 3Especificación: Module x1, 11..

535,95€ 630,53€

Controles: Hi-hat control x1, Kick x1, Kick pedal x1Drumset: Electronic Drums SetSound Module: DM-7X Module x1Effects: Overdrive, Compressor, Reverb a..

790,00€ 831,58€

YAMAHA DTX6K2X Electronic Drumkit

Item No.: DTX6K2XItem No.: DTX6K2X..

1.398,00€ 1.471,58€

YAMAHA DTX6K-X Electronic Drumkit

Item No.: DTX6KXItem No.: DTX6KX..

998,00€ 1.050,53€

NUX DM-210 Electronic Drumkit

Item No.: DM-210Item No.: DM-210..

390,00€ 410,53€

Drumset: Electronic Drums SetNo. of Drum Sets: 10 (all of which may be edited and overwritten)No. of Sounds: Drum and percussion: 287, Keyboard: 128Es..

374,00€ 393,68€

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NUX DM-1 Electronic Drumkit NUX DM-1 Electronic Drumkit

Drumset: Electronic Drums SetNo. of Sounds: 20Tom: 3Snare Drum: 1Cymbals: 1Especificación: 3x8"Tom, 1x8"Snare, 1x10"HIHAT, 1x10"CRASH, 1x10"RIDE, 1xHI..

267,53€ 314,74€

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