Flatwound elektromos gitárhúrok LA BELLA OBERKRAINER/ 012

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New La bella Oberkrainer strings !!
Oberkrainer strings for folk music are specially developed strings that enable superior guitar sound.
In the manufacturing and testing process luthier Tomaž Šinko incorporated experience gained over many years of his work and has also taken into account wishes of folk guitarists.
Special feature of these strings is the core, which is octagonal (in the majority of strings the core is made of round wire). The core is wrapped by two thinner wires with opposite directions of windings; the result of this technique is a string with much longer life span. The sound is "fresh" and last longer, which is a characteristic of this new model, there is also reduced fret wear and string breakage.
Strings are finely ground and polished, which gives the feeling of playing an instrument with beautiful soft tone. Set is available in a balanced dimension 012-050.

  • Set of strings 012-050
  • Flatwound
  • Made in USA

Oberkrainer Labella set of strings are specially developed and designed together with Luthier Tomaž Šinko. Sizes 12 16 24w 32 40 50. 
La Bella Jazz are the same in the trebles and stronger in basses (12 16 24w 32 42 52). At Oberkrainer music you do not need so much basses and play rarely in lower registers.. meanwhile you use first four strings more.
That is why:
- the tension is reduced
- easier playing (for we know the duration at Folk music fest is ..5 hours)
- Oberkrain Strigs keep ther playability longer as any other competitor strings
- Competitor strings have 3rd G string thinner,.. 0.20w....which cracks more often as 3rd G 24w from La bella Jazz or Oberkrain
- Nevertheless is the La Bella OBERKRAIN better choice as any other competitor strings for Oberkrain music

Item No.: 288

Item No.: 288


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