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Specifikáció: Keep your kit looking like it just came off the showroom floorJellemzők: Includes 65 Drum Shell Polish and Cleaner, 65 Cymbal Intensive ..


Specifikáció: Optimized for daily use to keep cymbals clean, clear, and resonant. Specially balanced for cymbal metalsJellemzők: Simply spray on and w..


Specifikáció: Our drummer's version of Formula 65 is perfect for common drum wood finishes and bright metal trimJellemzők: Restores the luster of the ..


Cymbal Cleaner DUNLOP 6422

Specifikáció: Restores the finish of old, tarnished or corroded cymbalsJellemzők: Rejuvenates the appearance, while preparing the surface for finishin..


Specifikáció: Designed to make cleaning your drum kit faster and easier Use the terry cloth side to clean and polish cymbalsJellemzők: Use the soft po..


Orchestral Cleaner DUNLOP 6592

Specifikáció: The ideal daily-use cleaner and polish for all modern violin, cello, and viola finishesJellemzők: Provides a micro-thin protective layer..


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