Hi-Hat Stand MAPEX HF1000 Hi-Hat Stand MAPEX HF1000

Mapex's HF1000 Falcon Hi Hat Stand includes a slew of professional features that enhance your performance capabilities and make it incredibly convenie..

229,00€ 241,05€

Hi-Hat Stand MAPEX H600

The Mapex H600 Mars Hi Hat Stand is lightweight so it's easy to cart around from gig to gig, but it's still strong enough to hold big rides and handle..

79,00€ 83,16€

Hi-Hat Stand PEARL H-1000

Pearl equips the H-1000 hi-hat cymbal stand is equipped with a direct drive, a lock nut on clutch, new seat cup, new die-cast joint with stop lock, ne..

151,00€ 159,00€

Hi-Hat Stand MAPEX H200-TND

This must be the best value Hi-Hat Stand out there. Double braced, lightweight and stable. Everything you could need to hold a pair of Hi-Hats.Product..


Hi-Hat Stand MAPEX H800

Item No.: 7800328Item No.: 7800328..

129,00€ 135,79€

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