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Klasszikus gitár szettek FISHMAN M-200 Klasszikus gitár szettek FISHMAN M-200

The M-200 is identical to the M-100, but includes a Carpenter style 1/4" output jack that mounts on the side of the instrument. An impedance matching ..

195,95€ 230,53€

Klasszikus gitár szettek FISHMAN M-100

A piezo-ceramic pickup element is embedded in an adjustable ebony replacement bridge for archtop style mandolins. Comes complete with a 1/4" external ..

137,70€ 153,00€

Klasszikus gitár szettek FISHMAN PRO-SBT-HAP

The Fishman SBT-HP is a harp and piano pickup which is equipped with a long lead wire and a 1/4" jack which can be mounted on a variety of instruments..

139,00€ 146,31€

Klasszikus gitár szettek GEWA PICKUP UNIVERSAL 940630

Universal model, suitable for all string instruments Crystal microphone with suction head mounting Fixed 3 m cable and jack plug Product: 94063..


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