Tastiere per Bambini

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CASIO SA46 H2 Mini Tastiera CASIO SA46 H2 Mini Tastiera

More than just a toy-ultimately small children will have lots of fun playing the 32 keys right from the start. The SA-46 and SA-47 mini keyboards come..

49,00€ 51,58€

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CASIO SA76 Mini Tastiera CASIO SA76 Mini Tastiera

For the creative child's room The 44-key SA-76 and SA-77 offer all discoverers of music the essentials for playing those first tunes. 100 tones, 50 r..

65,00€ 68,42€

A music keyboard with 49 keys that is ideal for both experienced keyboardists and the casual beginner. This electronic keyboard comes with 16 differe..

63,00€ 66,32€

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