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CHERUB WTB-005 Sustain Pedal CHERUB WTB-005 Sustain Pedal

Classic-style design suitable for all brands keyboard metal body Specially designed rubber bottom grips the floor while you play High-quality chrome..


WTB-006 is a universal sustain pedal designed to operate as sustain pedal / sustain pedal for electronic musical instruments (including but not limite..


CASIO SP-20 Sustain Pedal

Upgraded Piano-Style Sustain Pedal works with the following models:All Casio keyboards and digital pianos with a pedal jack. The Casio SP-20 is a tra..

47,00€ 49,47€

YAMAHA FC-4 Sustain Pedal

Add expression to your keyboard with the FC4 sustain pedal. Designed to perform like an acoustic piano's sustain pedal, the FC4 has become a necessity..

73,00€ 76,84€

ROLAND DP-10 Damper Pedal

This well-built, real-feel pedal comes with a non-slip rubber plate — essential when performing on hardwood or slip-prone surfaces — and an extended c..

38,49€ 40,52€

CASIO SP-34 Sustain Pedal

3-Pedal Board with Sustain, Soft, and Sostenuto. Designed for Privia and CDP-S Digital Pianos. Add complete three-pedal functionality - Sustain, Soft..

69,01€ 72,64€


  For Yamaha P-125 BK and P-515 Damper pedal Sostenuto and soft pedal Item No.: LP1515..

69,00€ 72,63€

YAMAHA LP-7AWH DGX650/660 Pedal Unit

Three piano-style pedals for the same kind of functional sustain, sostenuto and soft control found on grand pianos with half-damper effect for DGX-65..

68,88€ 72,50€

ROLAND DP-2 Damper Pedal

ROLAND DP-2; Momentary footswitch for "non-latch" footswitch operations such as sustaining notes on electronic keyboards. The DP-2 can also be used fo..


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