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VESTON KS002 Keyboard Stand VESTON KS002 Keyboard Stand

Item No.: KS002..

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VESTON KS001 Keyboard Stand VESTON KS001 Keyboard Stand

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ON STAGE KS7190 BLK Keyboard Stand ON STAGE KS7190 BLK Keyboard Stand

Many of today’s musicians like things simple and affordable. That’s why we continue to offer this popular Single-X with its classic bullet-nose pull k..

20,50€ 21,58€

Get reliable support for your keys while onstage with the KS120B EZ-LOK Double X Keyboard Stand from Hercules. This durable, X-style lightweight stand..

52,00€ 54,74€

The HERCULES Double X Keyboard Stand KS210B includes a second tier and features the patented EZ-LOK system, has 4 height adjustments and heavy duty st..

84,55€ 89,00€

The Hercules Z-Style Keyboard Stand KS410B gives you an additional adjustable EZ-LOK Tier for an added keyboard — a great addition that ups your perfo..

142,50€ 150,00€

The KS8291 is designed with strength and comfort in mind. This pro-level model features the heaviest tubing we have in our arsenal and is built with a..

59,00€ 62,11€

ON STAGE KS7365EJ Keyboard Stand ON STAGE KS7365EJ Keyboard Stand

Truly professional. Truly heavy-duty. This stand allows for independent height and width adjustments and can hold 2 keyboards, yet folds into a space ..

83,37€ 104,21€

The HERCULES Single X Keyboard Stand KS110B features the patented EZ-LOK, 5 height settings, and heavy duty steel construction. Great option for light..

39,90€ 42,00€

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ON STAGE KS7191 BLK Keyboard Stand ON STAGE KS7191 BLK Keyboard Stand

Patented quik SQUEEZE system features a 5-position adjustment disk and steel reinforced clutch and center hinge. 15 x 30mm tubing. , base spread: 27.9..

31,00€ 32,63€

CASIO CS-68P WE Keyboard Stand

The CSD-68P Piano Tripod is designed specifically for the PX-S1000 and PX-S3000 pianos. It is very well processed and quickly assembled. With this tri..

129,00€ 135,79€

The Hercules KS400B Autolock Z-Keyboard Stand is a durable, stage-ready stand that provides the kind of stability you need for your performance. The A..

103,00€ 108,42€

CASIO CS-68PBK BK Keyboard Stand

The CSD-68P Piano Tripod is designed specifically for the PX-S1000 and PX-S3000 pianos. It is very well processed and quickly assembled. With this tri..

129,00€ 135,79€

Ideal for guitarists and keyboard players.  The versatile DT8500 is designed with guitarists and keyboard players in mind. It features a height adjus..

76,00€ 80,00€

Stand from Casio is a simple, easy setup unit that’s designed to be compatible with Casio CDP-S100 and CDP-S350. Sturdy, subtle and with a black finis..

99,00€ 104,21€

Keyboard stand fitted with 36cm bars. Quick lock for fast and easy height adjustment. Easy foldable, Smart Quick-lock, Anti-slip coating, Easy mountin..

22,80€ 24,00€

With its universal mounting attachment, this tilting tier should be everyone’s first choice for adding multiple keyboards to any X-style keyboard stan..

29,00€ 30,53€

YAMAHA L-85 P45 Keyboard Stand

The perfect companion to the P-45 digital pianos, the L-85A features a modern, slimline design.Item No.: 73678..

115,00€ 121,05€

K&M 18852 KEYBOARD STACKER Keyboard Stand

Optional stacker for 18950 or 18953 keyboard/stage piano stand, fully adjustable in height, tilt and depth to accomodate various types of instruments...

39,20€ 49,00€

With a strikingly simple yet elegant design, the Casio CS-67P stand has been designed keeping Casio's PX-150,160 and PX-350,360 digital piano models i..

76,00€ 80,00€

ZZ STANDS AK-P Keyboard Stand

ZZ STAND extension stand for Keyboard stand Steel Black Notestand Item No.: 4288..

13,75€ 27,50€

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YAMAHA L-515WH For Stage Piano White Keyboard Stand

YAMAHA L-515WH, stage piano stand in white.Item No.: L515WH..

152,95€ 161,00€

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NUX Piano Stand for NPK-1 Blk Keyboard Stand

Item No.: NPS1..

114,00€ 120,00€

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